Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. B

So I decided to take my camera to the wedding with me to practice with tricky indoor lighting.  My pictures aren't the greatest, but they are straight out of the camera, so some might have even more potential.  I was glad to have my cousin Tyler there to help me out with settings and he even took some of the photos.  All that being said......here are some of the shots I/we got.  I didn't want to step on the photographers toes so I didn't want to take too many and let's be honest, I wanted to have some fun!  I hope you guys enjoy!

The best man speech.

First dance as husband and wife.....they look so happy!

My aunt and her handsome son, the groom!

Parents of the groom sharing a dance!

It was such a wonderful and blessed day!  Thank you for a wonderful time!

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