Thursday, November 3, 2016

London part 1

Well the McClarnons went to London!  When planning vacation earlier on in the spring and early summer, we were convinced that Hawaii was in our future.  However, Brexit happened, making a trip to London actually cheaper than going to Hawaii from California.  Perfect for us!  Even more perfect was that around the time we were going to London the Colts happened to be scheduled to play in Wembley Stadium in the NFL International Series!  Needless to say we had to make it happen.  Casey and I had such a blast during our week across the pond.  We had so much to share that it won't all fit into one post.

Right at the beginning of our trip, the Colts happened to be playing in London while we were vacationing(ok, I may have moved the trip to incorporate it).  Watching a soccer match at Wembley Stadium was my initial goal, but seeing my favorite team play overseas was amazing.  The stadium and festivities surrounding the game were awesome.  One weird note:  the British fans don't know exactly what to do on 3rd downs.  Instead of cheering loudly to try and disrupt the play, they boo for some reason...which was weirder than how it sounds as I'm typing this.  The experience of Wembley was great, the outcome of the game........

There were some really cool experiences to be had during our trip.  One such experience was the London Eye.  The London Eye to me seemed like a deathtrap in concept(fear of heights) but it was in actuality really neat.  It took about half an hour to do one complete round on the ferris wheel and it delivers one of the best views of the London skyline.  Oh, and champagne was served.

Of course this trip wouldn't be complete without a shoutout to the royals, or as Casey calls them: relatives.  We had the privilege of visiting Kensington Palace, the home of Casey's kin Will and Kate.  In addition to this it had a few really cool exhibits with Casey's being the royal dress collection.  Needless to say I accidentally didn't budget enough time for the gift shop at the Palace!