Monday, July 21, 2014

Back home again in Indiana........

Well it feels a little bit late to say this, but I hope everyone had a great 4th and last couple of weeks.  It feels like a lifetime since I have been on here, but it was nice to get away and spend time with family and friends.  That being said, I still haven't recovered and need a vacation from my vacations......oh geez I sound old.  

While my hubby was at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for work, all work and no play unfortunately, I headed back home to Indiana.  A small two door coupe, two adults, 2 dogs and an almost broken finger later, we made it.  Now a weird thing happened to me while I was in Indiana.  The place I had always called home, felt foreign to me now.  Maybe it's because I was always encroaching on someone's space, or that I am just getting used to life in New Jersey.  While we love Indiana and would never rule out living back there, it is invigorating to get out and see what else there is in the wonderful world and have an open-mind.  It's quite freeing really.      

Kevin made it to Indianapolis late Friday night and it was cram time.  We were leaving early Monday morning and had a wedding Saturday, so the rest of the time was spent trying to get around to see all of our family and friends.  One of our nights was spent at our old usual place, The Fox and Hound, with our besties, Hayley and Justin!  Man had we missed them!  I would of packed them in our bags and brought them back with us if I could have.

The main event that we came back for was the union of my cousin Josh to his beautiful bride Whitney!  Above is obviously me and my handsome date and below some family shots and of course the new Mr. and Mrs.  It was such a wonderful ceremony with so much love all around.  I couldn't be happier for them and am so excited to see how they grow even more as a couple.  Welcome to our family Whitney and we love the both of you, as well as everyone else.....haha, so very much!  I was so happy to get to share your big day with you!

I know this, like my 4th comment, is long overdue, but congratulation Germany on your WorldCup win!  We actually did watch the game with family while home so I had to throw that in!  I promise I won't wait so long to post again!    

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