Tuesday, August 30, 2016

local union 271, Palo Alto

 You probably know this by now but if not, know that Casey and I love going to brunch.  It is something that we dabbled with in Indy, got obsessed with in Jersey, and constantly seek out in California.  In Jersey we had clear established favorites.  In California we have made a conscious effort to try more and more places.  On a whim, we decided to try local union 271.

Local union 271 is in downtown Palo Alto, a place we like to frequent as it has tons of restaurants and bars.  We found local union 271 through Yelp(I know...how hipster of us) and we were glad that we did.  The first thing that we noticed right away is that they have multiple types of mimosas.  They had mimosa flights even.  It was called "The Tree" and it gave you six 4 oz. samples of various mimosa types, including a jalapeno one which was actually our favorite.  If that isn't a good sign right off the bat then I don't know what is.

There were so many things sounded good but we both ended up getting the same thing, which was a berry French toast dealio.  The restaurant is a farm-to-table, so from the fresh squeezed oranges in the mimosas to the berries in the French toast, everything was so fresh and delicious.  They also had outdoor seating which even "sweetened" the experience even more so.  Nothing but positive things to say about this place.  We will definitely revisit at a later date.


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