Thursday, January 22, 2015

Apple Carrot Juice

Today I bring you a very basic juice recipe. It is great if you are a newbie to juicing (which I am) and aren't quite sure what all to put in your juices yet. I am planning on getting into more intricate juices, but for now, this one is great. It tastes just like apple juice and you have the added benefit of 2 servings of carrots. You know how the saying "An apple a day.....". If you are a newbie like me, or want to do a cheap and easy juice, try it out. You can always add more to it the next time! Enjoy!  

Apple Carrot Juice

2 Apples, cut into a few wedges
6 ounces baby carrots (2 servings)

Juice all your ingredients together. :)

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