Monday, December 15, 2014

Jose Tejas, Fairfield, NJ

Kevin found this restaurant for us one day when we decided to go out exploring our area. The way he was describing it, I thought it was just another Mexican restaurant (though that wouldn't bother me since we have yet to find out white queso like back home). Turns out, Jose Tejas is tex-mex and cajun cuisine (think Mexican food meets Louisiana). It was so amazing! We went around 1PM on a Saturday and it was pretty packed, but not so much that there was a wait. Personally, I like when a lot of people are at a restaurant I haven't been to because it must mean it's good. Once I know I like it though, the masses can leave the restaurant alone haha!   
We were served the standard chips and salsa which were good, not anything insanely special. We both accompanied our chips with a margarita on the rocks with salt on the rim of course. It, like the chips, was your same old typical margarita. I'm definitely not complaining though because the real showstoppers were our meals. Kevin got the blackened swordfish, complete with cajun seasoning. It was served with black beans and corn, rice, and mango salsa. I had a bite (or two) and it was so delish! The swordfish had great flavor with just the right amount of kick to it. The sides were quite tasty as well. I may consider getting it next time, but I like to try different things so we will see. For my entree I opted for a quesadilla. I know you're thinking how boring, but you couldn't be more wrong! It was a shrimp and crawfish quesadilla. It was jam packed with shrimp, crawfish, cheese, and tons of flavor! I was absolutely in love with my choice! I had never had crawfish before and while this isn't the traditional way to eat it, I sure didn't mind and would do it over and over again! Stay tuned next week for a post on Cricket Hill Brewery before I take a break for the holidays. We will be traveling back to Indiana for a couple of days, then we have family coming out here to spend time in New Jersey and New York (in case you were wondering where New York Christmas posts have been, I've been waiting for family)!

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