Monday, September 1, 2014

Eminem and Rihanna

First and for most I want to start off with a disclaimer. I don't use foul language on social media out of respect for others, mainly my family. That being said, there is foul language in some of these video snippets, so view at your own risk!

We were fortunate enough to see Eminem and Rihanna on their three city Monster Tour at Metlife. The show was absolutely fantastic! They sounded so amazing live and put on a great show for the many screaming fans. People traveled from all over just to be in the stadium to watch them perform. I don't like I stop dancing or singing, (well maybe during some of Em's parts.....I'm not the next greatest rapper alive), the whole time! Below are snippets of songs that I hope convey what we got to experience! Enjoy your Labor day!


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