Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September Birchbox Review: Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris

Happy September birch box everyone! Mine just came yesterday, so I was a little panicked that I wouldn't get my Wednesday review completed in time. But, I persevered and here am I, presenting my review for the Catherine Malandrino fragrance Style de Paris. Sadly, this fragrance just isn't me. I tend to go for fragrances like Folle de JoieChloĆ©, and Flora by Gucci that have strong rose, and some peony, notes to them. This fragrance, while have some floral notes, mostly has a musk scent which I didn't care for. This is probably TMI, but a couple of my favorites mention they have a seductress style, while the Style de Paris says it will leave you in a flirty mood. HMMM......what does that say about Regardless, of it not being my taste, I have had it on since 8 this morning and after doing dishes, baking bread, doing multiple "photo shoots", and washing my hands umpteen times, the fragrance is still going strong which is amazing. Don't get me wrong, I will still use it up, but I won't be purchasing this "flirty" scent for my collection.  

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