Monday, September 22, 2014

Anniversary Weekend!!

So I decided to push back my US Open post until next week, being that I married my best friend on this day two years ago, so I thought that took a little more precedence! So to backtrack a little bit, I print off our monthly calendar for the next month at the end of each month. For example, I will be printing off October's calendar this week to make our dinner schedule. It works great because we have all travel plans, birthdays, outings, etc. so I can make a menu accordingly. Well, when I printed off the September calendar, I noticed a mystery planned on the 20th. I suppressed my inner child and refused to bug him about it the entire month! That is a huge deal for me and him for that matter. We are the worst at surprises and gifts. We get too excited and spill the beans before it's time, so we both did pretty good with this. I actually didn't know what the plans were until Saturday morning when he said how fast can you be ready and we should probably take our beach bag. Even then, I still did not know all the details, truth be told, I don't think he knew everything either haha. I apologize for the plethora of pictures. It was partially me practicing mixed in with a lot of fun!   

So we started our journey to Cape May, NJ. About halfway into our journey we started to get hungry and passed a sign for Seaside Heights (known for the ever so trashy Jersey Shore show), we both looked at each other and just knew that's was our lunch spot. We couldn't resist! We got there a little before 11 so most things weren't quite open yet so we walked up and down the huge boardwalk. They had a ton of little places to eat, but the most surprising thing was the amount of games and arcades they had. It was a shocker for us who had just seeing drinking a debauchery happen on the television show. We were both really impressed with how beautiful it was there. I know they got hit hard by Sandy, but you really couldn't tell. We stopped and got a quick bite at a bar before heading on the lift to get a view from the top. If you can't tell from the picture up top, Kev is not a fan of heights, but he still did it! Now back to Cape May!     

We got to Cape May and drove around for a little bit before deciding to hit up the Cape May Winery and Vineyard. We got there and it was packed! We weren't worried though, we were on our own schedule and figured it must be a good sign. Of course we started with a wine tasting.....I mean what else would you do?!? The wines were quite tasty and we decided to get a bottle of the Lighthouse Red to share while a musician performed some Bob Marley. It was so beautiful out and very relaxing! We also took home a bottle of their Riesling and an Isaac Smith Apple wine for the holidays! I'm so excited!

After our trip to the winery, we strolled the beach for a lille bit before going to dinner. The beach was almost deserted and extremely gorgeous. It was one of the best beaches I had seen which is one of the many reasons it was named one of America's favorite beach towns by Travel + Leisure. The area was so cute and quaint, I feel in love. I told Kevin if we decide to get married each other of course :)......this is where I want it to be! It was absolutely wonderful!

With grumbling bellies we headed to our final spot, dinner at The Blue Pig Tavern. We sat outside and enjoyed the wonderful weather while we dined on a delectable meal. We started with Ahi Tuna Tartar and a couple of libations. Kev ordered a pork belly mac and cheese, surprise surprise, which was delish, while I got the grilled swordfish with asparagus and mushroom was divine! We vowed to come back and stay longer next time, maybe at one of the many B&B's in the area. I highly recommend a trip here, it's apparently gorgeous all year long!  

It didn't stop there. We made cannoli stuffed french toast with mimosas for brunch on Sunday. Kevin then made me the first dinner he ever cooked for me......penne chicken alfredo with breadsticks. It was an absolutely perfect anniversary weekend! I love you Kevin James and am excited for the years to come!

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