Monday, May 5, 2014

Serendipity 3 NYC

Many years ago my mom, aunts and I took a girls trip to NYC.  One of my requests was to go to Serendipity 3, mainly because I had heard of celebrities going there, but also for their frozen hot chocolate.  Now back then I had my super cute pink razr phone, but that meant no GPS.  I made my poor mom and aunts walk for miles and miles until we were about to give up on ever finding this place, when we saw it.  While there were no celebrity sightings there, though I did see SJP filming Sex & the City, I immediately fell in love with Serendipity.     

Fast forward a few years to a gorgeous spring day and GPS enabled phones and I was back.  Though we had the option to take the subway, we decided to walk the 2 miles instead.  I had to make it as authentic as possible to my first trip after all.  We got there about an hour after it opened and they told us it would be an hour wait already!  With a 2 mile walk already invested and nothing else planned but to go shopping, we decided to wait.  Much to our delight, we were seated within 20 minutes and on our way to enjoying our frozen hot chocolates!  It was just as I'd remembered and perfect for the beautiful spring day!  

My hunky hubby posing for a photo op.

The glorious frozen hot chocolate.

My bottomless pit of a husband wanted chicken nachos.  A weird combo with the frozen hot chocolate, especially since the drinks came first, but they were so tasty.  

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