Monday, January 19, 2015

IU vs. Georgetown at Madison Square Garden

Last week I told you MSG has been our home away from home this winter and I wasn't kidding. Don't worry though, I don't have any other posts from Madison Square Garden planned in the foreseeable future so you will get a little break! However, I still am wrapping up the holiday posts. I am almost all caught up which is so exciting for us all I know!  

Ever since I was born, cheering for Indiana University has been instilled in my mind. I can look through old family photos and see many in which I am dressed in something with the Hoosier logo on it. So it was no surprise to my family where I decided to attend college. While there, my dad came and went to quite a few basketball games with me. It was such a fun bonding time for us (now you can see why I started loving sports), so when he came out to visit me, it only seemed fitting to repay the favor and take him to a sporting venue he had never been to, The Garden! I mean what are the odds that your home team from the midwest is playing in NYC while you're there! The game had the same energy I knew and loved from attending games at Assembly Hall. The crowd was up and down the entire game, especially in the last minutes when they went into overtime. Sadly, the Hoosiers didn't pull out a win (they lost 91-97), but it was such an amazing time to share with my dad, one that I'll never forget! 

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