Monday, December 8, 2014

New York Rangers game @ Madison Square Garden

Kev has been a New York Rangers fan before we ever stepped foot on the East Coast. Since we lived in the Midwest at the time, and hockey isn't that huge where we were, we never attended a game. Now that we are ridiculously close to The Garden, we made it a top priority to attend a first NHL game at that! The verdict? I'm obsessed! I loved watching the Rangers and want to go to every game! I swear it's my new favorite sport! It was also nice not to be rooting for the opposing team for once :)! The energy of the game and the crowd started immediately during warm ups and never faded even though the Rangers didn't pull out the victory against the Oilers (the score was 1-3).  

I have to admit, as bratty as it sounds, I was a little worried about our seats when we first arrived. We kept going up escalator after escalator until we reached the very top. I was a little bummed because I immediately thought we were sitting in nosebleed seats (see I told you a little bratty). Little did I know, we were actually sitting in one of the top 10 sports bucket list seats according to CNBC. They were so amazing that I never want to sit in another seat again! We didn't have anyone in front of us obstructing our view, just glass all around. You could see the entire game! Now I'm not afraid of heights, but it did take a little mental adjustment looking down and seeing nothing but people below you. Another cool aspect, you can download an app and order food and drinks from your seats. There really is an app for that! 
I was extremely glad I captured the goal picture above and the video below (since it was the only one this time). Remember I told you about the energy of the fans? Well they sing/chant this and dance around when they score. It was so much fun to see and experience! I can't wait to go back! Be warned if you come to visit, I may suggest we go to a Rangers game! 

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