Monday, October 20, 2014

Pyramid Mountain, Boonton, NJ

In an attempt to practice more outdoor photography, we set out to go to Pyramid Mountain early in the morning. There is a "golden hour" rule that most photographers follow and it takes place right after the sun rises and right before the sun sets. That is when you get really nice, softer light from the sun. Well, I was desperately trying to capture that, but by the time we found the place, it was too late. No big deal though, we still walked around and I practiced a bit. The area was absolutely beautiful and the leaves were amazing colors! It's sometimes hard since we live in a city area and so close to NYC that there is beautiful landscapes like this right around us as well. We walked around for quite a while and had the place practically to ourselves which was nice. I am really glad we found it and will continue my "golden hour" quest and to improve my photography! 

My goofball husband. I told him to give me a pose and this is what he did. He was warned I was going to post it :)

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