Monday, October 13, 2014

Overlook Park in Paterson, NJ

As the majority of you know, or have realized, we live in New Jersey. We are fortunate enough to live in an area where we can see the NYC skyline and travel there by train usually in 20 minutes, depending on how they are running. Well this weekend we decided to check out a place that is also close to us, but in our own state. Of course the day we wanted to head out, it decides to rain the majority of the day. So there I was sitting by the window like a little kid waiting for it to let up. When it did, I hurried up and got ready like my parents told me it was alright to go out and play again. Which is pretty much the case. Photography, though frustrating some times, is like play for me. I am still so new and learning a ton. While I will never claim to have "mastered" anything, I feel pretty good about most of my food shots I take. They aren't perfect, but for the knowledge I have right now they are fine. Outdoor shots are a little more tricky for me. That's why I wanted some practice and sometimes it's tedious carrying my camera to the city. 


After a quick 20 minute drive we were there. We traveled to Paterson, NJ to Overlook Park to see the Paterson Great Falls. It may not seem like much, but here in the middle of a predominately industrial city lies a roaring waterfall. Part of the park was closed off for repairs for the time being so we couldn't see how massive the waterfalls actually were, but it was such a neat little area. There were actually quite a bit of people out taking guided tours and taking pictures of the area. For me, it's the pictures and seeing the beauty that gets me. For my hubby, it's the history. He was spouting off all sorts of random facts about the area.  

For instance, the building above is the S.U.M. hydroelectric plant, which was built in the early 1900s and was designed by Thomas Edison's Electric Company.  It still powers 11,000 homes to this day. Below, is a picture of Alexander Hamilton, not only one of the founding fathers, but also the person who saw the potential for the falls in terms of potential industrial growth.  Paterson was the first planned industrial city.  Hamilton foresaw the great falls as a great place to set up future water mills which would help drive the industrial revolution. 

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and very brief history lesson! Have a great week and I look forward to sharing more adventures next Monday! 

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