Monday, August 4, 2014

Atlantic City

A couple friends of mine from high school, Joe and Kevin, decided to take a trip out to the east coast. Needless to say, I was elated when they asked if we wanted to meet them in Atlantic City for the weekend.  I hadn't seen these guys in such a long time and it was another spot to check out in our new state.  So with the dogs in tow, (maybe I should do a blog of the places they have traveled lol), and a 2.5 hour drive later, we were there.    

There were quite a few people on the boardwalk, so we decided to walk down a pier and take in the views of the beach.  It was really beautiful and seemed very clean, sadly, something I wasn't expecting.  Joe, being a wrestling fan, pointed out the building below to us.  It was where Wrestlemania 4 in 1988 and Wrestlemania 5 in 1989 were held.  Besides those cool facts, he also mentioned that it was before pay-per-view so everyone would watch it on closed circuit televisions and the movie theatre.  It's so crazy how times and technology have changed in our lifetime alone.      

It was still pretty early for dinner or casinos, so we decided on a beach bar with blaring music to see what the hype was about.  It was like being on spring break in your college years, but these people were now in their 30's.  The bikini-clad waitresses looked miserable and guys were getting thrown out and it was around 4PM!  The nicest thing I could say is that we got some really interesting people watching in.  Growing tired of the crazy shenanigans, we headed indoors to the casino at Trump Plaza for a little gambling before we headed to dinner.  I'm not a gambler, so I just put a few bucks in a slot machine and unfortunately didn't hit the jackpot.  So we headed to drown our sorrows in delicious seafood at Phillips Seafood Restaurant which, according to New Jersey Lifestyle,was award winning seafood.  If lady luck wasn't going to be on our side our award winning seafood had better be!  I got the jumbo sea scallops and Kev opted for the crab mac & cheese, shocker I know.  It was all exquisite!  I hope we go back again, maybe to one closer this time though.         

As our night was coming to an end we realized we hadn't taken a pic together, so we attempted a selfie above.  A passerby witnessed our struggle and offered to take the picture for us.  I think you can figure out which is which :).

The views of the boardwalk after dinner.  It really was a pretty place.  However, I think going there once is all you need.  A lot of places are closing down and I feel like if you are really going to gamble, Vegas would be a better option.  I am glad we did it though!  Overall it was a great time with great people!

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