Thursday, July 24, 2014


What do you do when your hubby has to work a few days in Philly?   Well, fortunately for me, I packed the dogs up and tagged along!  Stella and Bella are becoming quite the travelers and don't mind elevator trips to the 10th floor now!  The trip to Philly actually is an easy one for us, about an hour and a half away.  We didn't get to do a whole lot since Kev did have to work and it was raining pretty much the whole time, but what we did get to see and do was really fun and we can't wait to go back and actually spend some time.        

We walked around the downtown area and unfortunately everything had closed for the evening, but that didn't stop up from taking a long walk and the historical views in.  Plus, I like practicing photography in different settings.  The shot above was from an area outside the Liberty Bell.  The one below is Carpenter's Hall.

Kevin and I share a love for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  So, when we were there we had to check out something.  We decided on Mac's Tavern which isn't in the show, but co-owned by Sweet Dee and Mac (characters on the show).  It was trivia night so we decided to kick back and have some fun as The Real MAC-larnon's.  We enjoyed some beer, calamari, and skillet mac and cheese while we played.  It was all so scrumptious and such a fun atmosphere.  However, we had to be responsible petarents (pet parent) and left before the whole game was finished.  We were in third when we left though!       

On our way out we decided to get a coffee and a little breakfast before heading out.  It was rainy, of course, so we made a quick trip of it.  We stop at Love Park above and the Reading Terminal Market, below, for coffee.  We got to Love Park at just the right time because not only did it start pouring, but a group of 10 came and were taking pictures with the Love artwork right as we were leaving.  The area was very pretty regardless.  The market was already really busy with the hustle and bustle of people trying to get to work and it was huge!  Not everything was opened because it was so early, but imagine a mall food court back home, times that by about 6 and add not as much seating and everything pushed together.  It was hectic, I can't imagine the afternoon time, but there were so many shops and places to look at that I can't wait to go back and explore!  

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