Tuesday, April 29, 2014

St Louis Cardinals

Before our big move, my husband was making sure to figure out all the essentials.  One might think that would include our bank, a grocery, pet food store, etc.  Instead, I heard all about where the Cardinals, Colts and Boilermakers were playing.  Him being the fanatic he is, did not limit himself to just New Jersey, but he calculated how far it would be to go other places in our vicinity.  Needless to say, it is one one the qualities I love about him!  We always have a blast at all the games and my sports wardrobe has far exceeded his!

We ventured out in the rain, don't worry I was prepared with my Burberry wellies, to Citi Field in Queens.  We were getting familiar with the mass transit so we felt pretty pleased with ourselves, then our first train changed tracks 2 minutes before arrival.  Good thing for the aforementioned wellies, because it was time to run up the stairs, across the tracks and back down to catch it.  Whew!  We made it, now time to relax until Penn.  We get there and our confidence starts increasing since we feel like we got this.  It an earlier post I mentioned that at Penn Station you find out what track your on 10 minutes before time.  Well, the 10 minute window came and went and we finally found out 4 minutes beforehand!  Time to run again with a crowd of people, mostly in Mets gear.  Being the Cardinals fans we are, we persevered and made it!  

Now we went on a Tuesday night and it was pretty dead.  The Cardinals also had played the night before and lost, so I was a little nervous.  Though walking in I felt better because with what little fans the Mets had, we had equally as many!  The boos, and the booze, made me cheer so loud that I swear the Cardinals could hear me.  Conveniently in the 7th inning I decided to take a potty break and get us our last beers (Bud and Bud Light brewed it good ol' St. Louis of course), when I came in contact with the nicest Mets fans.  The guy working at the stand and these two guys told me that "The midwest does it right",  "You guys don't boo people like we do", and "The Cardinals are an amazing team"!  I was feeling on top of the world.....go us!!  Even though we were up 3 runs, it was still anyones' s game. We were on the edge of our seats for the next two inning until the Cardinals finally pulled through and won the game 3-0. A great fête since they lost the day before and after. I'd like to think that we must have been their lucky charm, or my insane cheering must have helped! All in all, a great experience for our first time at Citi Field ballpark!    

After our win!!

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