Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bad Boyz of BBQ

If you saw last weeks Gilroy Garlic Festival post, you may remember me briefly mentioning the Bad Boyz of BBQ. Now when I tell you this group is amazing at what they do, it is a huge understatement! Not only is every bit of food they produce amazing, but they are so nice and just fun to be around. You can tell they really enjoy what they do. Really the only thing I dislike is they are Raider Fans (I kid, sorta, but I do love my Colts). Actually, our first encounter with the Bad Boyz was at a Raider tailgate (we weren't playing them that day) and everyone was so amazing, even knowing we were Colts fans. 

Upon talking to other fellow tailgaters, we found that many people travel from literally all over the world and have to stop by the Bad Boyz tailgate area. It was quite the experience that you must go to if you ever attend a Raiders game!  Kevin even wants to go to more than just when the Colts play even just to eat.  It's the best tailgate we've experienced.  You can BYOB and enjoy the seemingly endless grilled options and sides.  They will even occasionally have television trucks set up so you don't have to miss out on the other games.  With great food, great people, tailgate atmosphere, and at a lower price point than the local sports bars, Bad Boyz of Barbeque is the.....pit....barbeque pit that is.

Ok, I feel like I went off the rails with what I was supposed to talk about (Bad Boyz at the Garlic Festival) lol. You might recall me stating how massive the Gilroy Garlic Festival was. Everywhere we looked there was another nook that had tent after tent (or booth) that we went and explored. The last area we found happened to be the bbq competition area (not a bad area to wander to if I do say so myself). Now I had remembered a friend of ours (a Bad Girl in the bbq world) saying they were going to be there, but I couldn't remember the details, so imagine my surprise when we got to the Garli-Que, People's Choice Challenge and they (her and the Bad Boyz) were standing right there with a crowd of people around them. Which, as previously stated about their tailgates, is not a surprise. 

Everything we have ever had from the Bad Boyz has been simply amazing. There are no amount of descriptive words I can use to describe the pure deliciousness that you experience. The meat had such an amazing smokey flavor and, yes Grandma, they finally got me to eat coleslaw! If you can't make it to a tailgate, check out their website, they do parties and events too! And for those who can't make it our West, which honestly, why wouldn't you, look for them on the Food Network. They have been featured on a few shows, including Chopped. Until then, I guess we will have to keep posting our amazing food pics until you get out here and try it yourself!

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