Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Psycho Donuts

Ok guys, full disclosure, I've never been much of a donut fan. Now before you start groaning and cursing me, it's mostly for a sentimental reason. My Pap (Grandpa) would go, what seemed like once a week to go get donuts for my cousins and myself, upon which I would always receive a tiger tail donut. Now don't get me wrong, I loved the donut, but I loved the sentiment even more.  So when it was time for me to be a "big girl" (still debatable), I never got donuts because it just wasn't the same. 

Fast forward to modern day and thanks to a little Bacon and Beer Classic, I have become a renewed donut fan. Now I know you're a little perplexed by that last sentence. Bacon and Beer does not equal Donuts. However, Psycho Donuts is not your typical donut shop so it makes perfect sense. We first tried these donuts at the aforementioned Bacon and Beer Classic in San Jose. Psycho Donuts had a booth set up and featured a delectable bacon (and I think maple) donut. Needless to say, it was enough for us to quickly look up where this place was so we could check out what else they had to offer. The donuts are best described as quirky gourmet donuts with equally quirky names (the ones with blue are the Cookie Monster ones and the pink below is the Strawberry Fields). The donuts are not only the perfect breakfast option, but also make a great dessert! We have become hooked and it's great making new memories, though I'll always hold on to that special time with my Pap. If you're ever in the Bay Area, check them out. They have a couple locations and I promise you won't be disappointed!

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