Monday, January 5, 2015

We enjoyed Christmas from Indiana to New Jersey and New York

Happy 2015 everybody! I can happily say that I typed the year correctly on my first attempt......wooohoo the year is already off to a great start! I have so much to tell you about that I feel like I will be talking about our whirlwind holidays for months! Oh well, it was amazing! We started our journey back to Indiana with Stella and Bella on December 23 after Kev got off work. Probably not the smartest idea since we had an 11 hour drive ahead of us (it took us over 14, none of which I drove), but we were so excited to get back home that we did it anyway. I was so excited to see family, most of which I hadn't seen for about seven months, so it was a big deal for me to make as many rounds as I could! You never really know how much you miss your family until you can't just hop in your car and see them in 30 minutes.      

While we unfortunately didn't get around to seeing absolutely everyone, each place we went was uniquely different yet created lasting memories that you take for granted when you're younger. My ultimate joy from the trip back home was seeing my grandparents who were so surprised to see us. I saw my grandma's face light up as she laughed like I never had before. And the stories, ones I had never heard, were amazing. Truly something for me to hold on to until I get to see them again. I learned so many things about all my grandparents that I never knew before. It's amazing the lives they have lived! After packing in multiple meals, drinks, games (Cards Against Humanity was my favorite inappropriate family game), and all the family time we could, it was time to leave though this time we had family it tow!      

It was our first Christmas being on the East Coast, so we tried to do as many touristy things as we could. The only problem? Everyone else was doing the same thing! There were thousands of people everywhere and you couldn't move so we did what we could. One of the things we can all cross off our lists was seeing the tree and ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center. It was absolutely beautiful and enormous, though as I said before, extremely crowded. We definitely picked the wrong time to go, but you live and you learn and none of us had seen it before so it was great overall. The Empire State building was also in the festive mood lit up with its red and green lights. It is such a great place to be at Christmas time. I can see why so many people travel here to see it all! We will just have to be smarter about the times we do things next year!  

It is really great to be back and I hope you all get everything you want out of 2015! While my 2014 wasn't bad at all, I just feel that this year is going to be amazing! Look for more about what we did over the holidays in the weeks to come (hint: Madison Square Garden has become our go to place). Let's see what great memories we can make this year!

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