Monday, August 18, 2014

Colts at Metlife Stadium

Well, we got another sports stadium checked off our list when we went to see the Colts preseason game against the Jets at Metlife Stadium.  Boy was it quite the experience!  It was my first time ever encountering bad natured fans, which I knew has always been a possibility, but sad really.  We got yelled at that Andrew Luck sucks and Omaha chants (wrong QB Jets fans).  And that was just the walk in!  Once inside, we met a fellow Colts fan and he said to let him know if any funny business happened which was the midwestern hospitality that I truly missed.  Regardless of all that, we still had a blast!  Ain't nobody got time to let Jets fans bring you down!    

The stadium was pretty nice and super convenient being only 10 minutes away from us!  It seems to be our go to spot lately.  We've been to a concert and we have tickets to the Colts vs. Giants game in November!    

Even though the outcome wasn't in our favor, the Colts lost 13-10, we were still glad we went!  We love our boys in blue and will see them whenever we can!  

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