Sunday, April 27, 2014

Welcome Letter

Well, here goes nothing.  As you already know, or have seen in the about me section, I am Casey.  Recently my little family moved from Indiana to New Jersey and I wanted to blog about the things that we did and saw here for our family back home.  However, my husband works and money isn't limitless, so I decided to work on my cooking/baking skills as well as my photography skills in my spare time.  I am very new to the blogging and photography aspect and hope that with time, there will be improvement in both areas.  

As for the cooking/baking portion, we all know we have a gazillion recipes that we've pinned on Pinterest, most not ever actually coming to life in out kitchens.  If you're anything like me, I get anxiety when I have to look through all that I have pinned because for me, it's like a never-ending To-Do list. Well, Ive decided to work through mine and share my successes and failures.  Some might question why I would put my failures on here for everyone to see,  but without those failures we don't learn anything.  We can learn what types of cuisine may not be our cup of tea or ways to improve the recipe for the future.  My goals are to post at least three dinners, a dessert, and a new drink each week, as long as I don't drive my husband crazy with my "You can't eat that I haven't taken a picture" sayings and the food sometimes getting a little cold, so check back often to see what's new in the McClarnon kitchen.  My posts will include the links of the original source, but I also have a board on Pinterest that contains all the recipes I've tried as well.

I previously mentioned I am a novice photographer.  If you look at my photos that should go without saying, but I'm learning and trying to educate myself to be better.  That being said, all the photos on here, no matter how bad, are mine unless stated other wise.  It's a learning process, but hopefully I will make the food look so good you'll start salivating or nibbling on you computer/iPad etc.

Now, as for our new residence, we are most definitely not in Indiana anymore, but I love it so far.  We fortunately are in a great location that makes traveling to other parts of New Jersey and Manhattan a breeze.  Slowly we are getting the mass transit systems down, but it is an adjustment, especially when your train changes tracks two minutes before departing and you have to run, or you find out the track 10 minutes beforehand at Penn Station and you see a flurry of people running frantically.  It's chaos and excitement all rolled into one.      

Please fell free to recommend a recipe you would like to see me attempt, any places that we should navigate to, or suggestions on how to improve my photography.  Thanks for stopping by!


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