Sunday, April 27, 2014


Picture overload alert!!  (Remember I'm trying to cram.)  Fortunately for the sake of cramming I did not have the camera ready to go for our first dinner in, Simple Crockpot Chicken.  Usually I will post the recipe, but to keep it short, you can find it here!  As the name states, it is amazingly simple and is so delish.    

This was a photo taken of the Empire State Building from Hoboken, NJ.......a borough we have really come to enjoy.

Next up, we have a picture of my mandatory Starbucks with the famous cannoli and lobster tail from Carlo's Bakery.  It was so amazing and really filling!  We finally saw what all the hype was about, though the store was quite a bit smaller then we thought it would be.

Remember the dogs who the perform synchronized pee performance?  Well here those cute little things are.  They would never do anything bad right?  Stella is on top and she is an miniature Australian Shepherd.  And Bella is a black lab mix rescue dog.  For those of you wondering we did not plan for their names to rhyme, but it kind of rolls off the tongue.  Both are about to be 3 and are as crazy as ever.

Finally the truth is captured for everyone to see.  I'm not quite sure if this fits in with dog shaming or if it's a public service announcement for those that come by.  Needless to say.....YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!  

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